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Passport Control

Maths Passport Control


Aim: Passport control is a 1:1 or small group intervention that aims to support children who are struggling to achieve a particular objective on their maths passport.


How does the intervention work?: LSAs or PPA teachers deliver the intervention using a variety of resources (Numicon, Cuisenaire Rods, Base 10 etc.) to reinforce or consolidate the child’s understanding of a particular concept. When the child is secure with the mathematical concept, the adult delivering the intervention will help the child to find strategies to recall answers quickly until they have rapid recall.


Selection criteria: Class teachers are asked to check their class’ passports each half-term to identify children that have been stuck on a particular objective for 4 consecutive weeks. The names of these children are then added onto a passport control list.


Measuring impact: The adult delivering the programme records when a child has achieved the target that they have been stuck on.