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Listen & Communicate

Year 6

Autumn Term - Literacy


This term, pupils learnt more about explanation and instruction texts. They identified features from recipes and in non-fiction texts looking for stylistic features such as the tense of the writing, how formal it was and if the author had used items such as headings and subheadings, bullet points, text boxes and annotated diagrams. Using work by Richard Platt, children designed their own explanation text. This needed careful research which was then grouped into three paragraphs. A suitable layout was planned and images that explained more were added.


Autumn Term - Maths


Pupils have been consolidating their understanding of the 4 operations, using compact and efficient methods to work with numbers up to a million as well as into three decimal places. The computations have been supplemented with a greater amount of reasoning activities, getting pupils to use the skills they have learnt in everyday contexts as well as using inverse operations to solve problems. Tables work has continued and Times Table Rock Stars remains a big push in the Year group. Passports are still tested weekly although we have had a major drive to get children closer to more age appropriate targets.

Autumn Term - Science


Carl Linnaeus and his method of classification was the focus for the first Science block this year. Children learnt about this famous scientist and then looked at the classification of animals, learning more about the different phylums, orders and groups. Using this information, children undertook a study of the area around the school, looking for any animals in a 1m square which were then classified.

Science- Living Things

Autumn Term - Other curricular areas


As an introduction to the year, children used the healthy eating knowledge from Year 5 to create healthy snacks that could be sold to the school. This linked well with Financial Literacy and children were expected to not only generate recipes to serve 30 children, but also had to cost out all the ingredients that were needed. Children then looked at how food was advertised in the media and studied slogans that companies use to make their products more recognisable. This helped in the making of posters that were used to advertise a sale of the goods to the school. All year groups were invited and Year 6 pupils sold, gave change and adjusted prices as the day progressed. The money was counted, expenses repaid and the profit calculated. This will be going towards the Year 6 camp in June 2023.


In Geography, the childrn learnt more about developing and devloped countries and the push/pull factors influencing people to migrate. A comparative study was made between Brazil and the UK in terms of climate, relief, population and population density and trade.


The class welcomed a visiting drama expert who taught the skills of mime through the story of Phileas Fogg. Children became waiters and customers at a French cafe, while one was even the dog!


Paulo from the Badminton Association, once again revised skills with the class during Games. The class progressed on to overhand and underhand clearing and smashing.