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Listen & Communicate


Spring Term - Literacy


In Literacy, we focused on the book Beegu by Alexis Deacon. We used a variety of ways to respond to the text including drawing and sentence writing. We thought of questions we would like to ask Beegu. We completed a story map, highlighting the key events of the story and retold the story aloud. We looked at the key features of letter writing and then wrote our own letters pretending to be Beegu. 


We have also read and respond to several poems from Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots by Micheal Rosen. Our particular favourite was Orange. We thought of places we could get stuck in and wrote our own poems.


We have started to read The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We have been discussing whether the Snail should go on the journey or not. We are looking forward to finding out what happens next.


Spring Term - Maths


We started the Spring Term with a focus on place value. We partitioned numbers using numicon and base ten. Some of us looked at how to write numbers in words, whilst others focused on comparing numbers. We then went on to look at measuring things using standard and nonstandard units. We looked at measuring the length, weight and capacity of different objects. Finally, we spent some time learning about the position of objects and using directional language. Throughout the term we have continued to focus on our problem solving skills. 


Spring Term - Other



In our SEMH learning we have continued to look at the zones of regulation and the different ranges of emotions within each zone. We look at each emotion in turn. For example if we were looking at the red zone, we might look at anger. We think about what makes us angry and why, how our face may look, where we feel it in our body and most importantly what we can do to help ourselves when we feel this way e.g. go for a walk. 



In PSHE, we have focused on a wide range of topics. We have thought about special people in our lives and why they are important to us. We have thought about listening and what this actually looks like. We have thought about what we are good at and goal we can set ourselves for things we find challenging. 



In History we learnt all about The Great Fire of London. We looked at the differences between London then and now. We also talked about the jobs people had then, in particular what a fire-fighter would have been like at that time. We learnt about Samuel Pepys. We understood how the fire started and how it spread. 



In DT with Mrs Hubbard we enjoyed learning about static electricity. 



We have been practising our gymnastics skills on the big apparatus in the hall. We use our outdoor areas for gross motor skills - football, running, obstacle courses and cycling. We were very lucky to go to Les Voies for swimming and we have just started going horse riding every Wednesday! 


Autumn Term - Literacy

During this term we have been reading 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. We engaged in lots of different activities. We designed and made our own Egg Box Dragon using junk modelling. We then wrote instructions for how to make it. We described the Egg Box Dragon using adjectives.   We wrote the story using our own story maps to help us. 


We love to share stories during our reading for pleasure time daily. 

Autumn Term - Maths

At the start of this term in Maths we focused on the place value of number. We learnt how to make numbers using Numicon and Base Ten. We have also spent some time focusing on addition and subtraction. We learnt how to add by counting on and practised our number bonds. We learnt how to subtract by taking away and by counting back. We enjoyed learning about 2d shapes and 3d shapes. We found some in the world around us. 

Autumn Term - Science 

In Science we have been looking at the seasons. We picked our own favourite season and drew what a tree would like. We have particularly focused on the signs of Autumn. We looked at the different types of weather and what we would need to wear in it. 

Autumn - Other 

In Art we have enjoyed experimenting with primary and secondary colours. We made our own pictures by mixing the colours. In DT we made windmills. 


In PSHE we have looked at the Zones of Regulation. Red is for angry, yellow is for fizzy, green is for happy and blue is for sad. We have talked about what makes us feel that way and what we can do to get ourselves back to green. We talked about how we can be respectful to others and looked at how we can use our indoor and outdoor area appropriately.  


We loved going sea swimming at the start of the term. In PE we have been doing lots of dancing! We enjoyed pretending to be pirates.