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Year 1

Spring Term - Literacy

This term we read and enjoyed 'One Day on our Blue Planet: In the Savannah'. We sorted books into fiction and non-fiction. We looked at the key features of non-fiction texts. We made a list of the information we learnt about lions from the text. We learnt about how to ask a question and wrote questions about lions that we wanted to answer. We also used the contents and index to help us find out this information. We then used non-fiction texts to find facts about our favourite animals. We looked at examples of explanation texts and explored the key features. In our grammar lessons, we learnt how to use 'and' and 'but' in a sentence.

Spring Term - Maths

In Maths we have been ordering and comparing groups of objects and numbers. We looked at the signs for greater than, less than and equal to. We used these signs to compare numbers. We added numbers by counting on and we subtracted numbers by taking away, counting back and finding the difference. We looked at how we can use number lines to help us. In our shape, space and measure learning we learnt how to use positional and directional language. 

Spring Term - Science

We have learning about Animals! We learnt about five different groups of animals - mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. We learnt how to describe the animals by their type of blood, type of covering, what they give birth to and how they breath. We compared the different types of animals. Natasha the bearded dragon from the GSPCA came to visit us. 


We have also revisited our plants learning from the Autumn Term. We recapped the parts of a plant and a tree and labelled them. We sorted plants into wild plants and garden plants. We looked at different types of trees and described them as deciduous or evergreen.

Spring Term - Other

In PE we have been using the big apparatus to do some gymnastics. We balanced, climbed, jumped and travelled in different ways. We have also learnt how to dribble a ball in outdoor PE. 


In History we learnt about Mary Anning and David Attenborough. We learnt about what they have achieved and compared their lives. 


In Geography we looked at the continents of the world. We also looked at the United Kingdom and named the countries. We learnt the names of the capital cities and the seas surrounding the United Kingdom.