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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Spring Term - Literacy


This term we have enjoyed reading the book 'Floodland' by Marcus Sedgwick. We explored the key characters and wrote a letter to the main character, Zoe, offering her advice. We focused on 'Persuasive Writing' and looked at a variety of examples of this genre to understand the key features. First we wrote a persuasive speech in the role of Dooby, with the purpose of persuading the other islanders to let him become the leader. As Floodland is based around the theme of climate change, for our final piece of writing we tried to persuade people to change their habits to decrease the impact we are having on the earth. We also enjoyed designing a new front cover for Floodland after watching a video of Marcus Sedgwick explaining that he has not been keen on the three front covers that Floodland has had so far. 

Spring Term - Maths


This term we have focused our learning on fractions, decimals and percentages. We have found equivalent fractions and reduced fractions to their simplest form. We have looked at the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions and ordered fractions by finding a common denominator and on a number line. When looking at percentages we found percentages of amounts and we have rounded decimals to the nearest decimal place. We have also been very busy with our Numeracy Passports and many of us are now on our next passport! 

Spring Term - Science


This term we have been learning about Electricity. We started by learning about what electricity is and developing our understanding of the nucleus and electrons. We became confident with building a series circuit and representing the circuit components with scientific symbols. We tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We discovered what happens when you add more electrical components into the circuit and and how the number of cells and voltage affect the components in a circuit. 

Spring Term - Other Curriculum Areas


In History we have started our topic on World War 2. So far we have enjoyed learning about chronology and starting a World War 2 timeline to show the key events. We have also developed our understanding of why World War 2 took place and who were the key countries and leaders. We are all very excited to be continuing with this topic in the Summer Term.


In Geography we found out about different types of settlements and land use. We particularly enjoyed looking at night time images of the world to see where settlements are and why they are found there. We also learnt about different types of migration and focused on The Windrush and the Atlantic Slave Trade. 


In PE we showed tested our strength, balance and coordination when using the big apparatus. 

Autumn Term - Design and Technology / Enterprise

To begin the academic year, Year 6 were given an Enterprise challenge called 'Come Snack with Me!' They had to research healthy snacks and were guided by a visit from a nutritionist, Sarah Dumont-Gale. The children worked in small groups and had to ensure that their snack could be created within a budget of £10. Design and Technology skills came into play as they designed, made and evaluated their healthy snack. Enterprise Day was a huge success as the excited, young entrepreneurs sold their tasty snacks to the rest of the school so that they could then enjoy them as part of their lunch. Together, Year 6 raised £277 which will go towards their Year 6 camp. 
Year 6 have been exploring different artistic skills this term. First they looked at Impressionism and used colour mixing techniques to recreate part of Claude Monet's painting 'The Japanese Footbridge'. Next they explored Zentangle patterns which is considered a form of 'artistic meditation'. The children created their own Zentangle patterns ensuring that they were repeating and abstract. Using a chosen Zentangle pattern, the children created a reverse system print process by transferring their design onto a tile and then printing it onto paper. 

Autumn Term - Physical Education

Since September, Year 6 have been keeping fit and healthy through a variety of ways. They have been improving their running fitness through the daily mile as well as learning dance techniques and choreographing skills through Street Dance lessons. In addition to this, they have also enjoyed learning the skills and rules to enable them to play Badminton.