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Year 5

Autumn Term - Literacy


Year 5 began the term revisiting sentence structure and punctuation. Then we explored the picture book Tuesday by David Wiesner. The children enjoyed using their picture detective skills to interpret what had happened in the story. Next the children wrote a police detective report explaining why lillipads and frogs had been seen in the town. Then we immersed ourselves into the genre of newspapers and became confident with their key features. To finish the topic, the children wrote a newspaper report for an animal invasion of La Mare de Carteret Primary School. 


Both classes have thoroughly enjoyed reading Fizzleburt Stump The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus as our whole class read. 

Autumn Term - Maths


Year 5 started off this term recapping our knowledge and understanding of place value in number. We used place value charts and lots of concrete resources to work out what the digits of 3, 4 and 5-digit numbers represent.  Next we used this information to practise adding and subtracting numbers, using standard written methods. In shape, we explored measuring and calculating the perimeter of rectangles. We then spent some time using our knowledge of times tables to find multiples and factors. Year 5 have also enjoyed working hard on various problem solving activities.

Autumn Term - Science and Geography


Year 5 started the Autumn term learning about Living Things. They enjoyed finding out about the similarities and differences between mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. Maria Merion was their significant person to learn about in the field of entomology. Year 5 also studied how living things reproduce and the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction. 


In Geography Year 5 developed their map skills. They became confident with lines of longitude and latitude and using the four figure grid reference. A highlight of this topic was locating special places in Guernsey and describing their location with a four figure grid reference. 

Autumn Term - Design and Technology


Year 5 have had a wonderful time exploring and learning about bridges. We started off by learning about the structure of arch and beam bridges. The children then made their own versions using pieces of card; testing them to see how much weight they could hold before collapsing. Next we discovered how truss bridges are structured. Following this, the children demonstrated excellent teamwork and resilience when making their own version of a truss bridge using spaghetti and masking tape. The completed bridges were then also tested for strength and were very successful.