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Year 1

Autumn Term - Literacy

This term we have absolutely loved our class text 'Out and About: A First Book of Poems' by Shirley Hughes. We have enjoyed lots of the poems from the look. We looked at all the different seasons but with a particular focus on autumn. We loved looking at the poem 'Water' and exploring water. We composed poems with the theme of autumn and really thought carefully about our senses when composing our poems.

Autumn Term - Maths

We started this term by focussing on numbers to 20. We worked hard on our careful counting and looked at how we could represent groups of objects in different ways. We drew pictures and used different resources (such as Numicon, counters and cubes) to show amounts of objects. Next, we practised our number formation. We learnt some funny rhymes to help us remember the correct formations and tried hard to keep our numbers neat! We enjoyed playing different games to practise counting forwards and backwards and to find one more/one less than a number to 20. We even started to compare numbers using the greater than/less than signs!  


We had lots of fun exploring 2D and 3D shapes! We played lots of games to help us recognise, name and begin to describe the shapes. We have also started looking at some financial literacy. We thought about what money is, why we need it and how it can be earned. Then, we concentrated on recognising and understanding the value of different coins and notes. We have enjoyed practising using money in our class shops! 

Autumn Term - Science

We have found our science unit on plants very interesting! We have learnt about the main parts of a plant and the difference between wild plants and garden plants. We loved spending time in our own school garden, identifying some of the plants in there, and going on a wild plant hunt around the school outside area. We have also found learning about the parts of a tree and different types of trees. We have learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees and enjoyed observing the leaves fall from deciduous trees during autumn.  

Autumn Term - Other

We had a fantastic time during our outdoor learning afternoons in Year 1! We were really creative and made our own tree people using natural materials. We also enjoyed being resilient and collaborating in groups to build twig towers.


We have been developing our dance and yoga skills during our indoor PE sessions and have been practising some of the fundamental movement skills during our outdoor PE lessons.


In art we have been exploring line and colour. To begin with, we looked at Bridgette Riley's art and used this as inspiration to experiment with different types of line. We used chalk to experiment with creating different types of line and used this to create a whole class piece of artwork. Next, we moved onto looking at colour in art. We learnt about primary colours. We experimented with mixing primary colours to make other colours. We had such fun using both playdough and paint to experiment with colour mixing!


During our DT unit on mechanisms, we looked at how sliders can be used to make things move up, down, left and right. We explored how to make an 'up and down' slider to make a rabbit pop out of a magician's hat. Our next challenge was to design a moving picture with an autumn theme to share with Reception. After planning our designs, we used our knowledge of sliders to make moving pictures. We loved making our autumn pictures move and started to independently add sliders to some of our other drawings and paintings. The children in Reception loved seeing our autumn moving pictures!