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Year 3

Our Universe! Block 1

Year Three have begun the year by blasting off into space and exploring the deep unknown. We learnt the names of the planets in our Solar System and their order from The Sun.

We have also used amazing creativity skills in our topic to create some stunning Art and D&T.

We used marbling ink and water to create mind-blowing, colourful Solar Systems. We also created the entire set of planets out of Papier-mâché.

We then decided to take one small step and land on the moon. We carefully followed instructions to create some magic moon dust, which we then used as inspiration for some wonderful writing. 


As part of our topic we have looked closely at light. We thought about different sources of light in the world around us. We conducted an investigation and tried to answer the question 'Are bigger torches always brighter?' To do this we predicted what we thought the results would be, we decided on how to keep it a fair test and then we tested to find our results. The results showed us that the strength of the battery, rather than the size of the torch, is what affects brightness.

Next, as part of our study of light, we realised that the direction of light can be changed. Whilst the beam of light is always straight we can reflect light in another direction using a mirror.

Next we learnt that some materials are opaque, some are transparent and some are translucent. To do this we tested a variety of materials by shining a light at them and seeing if we could see any light coming through from the other side. Again we used our super science skills to conduct a full investigation including making predictions, keeping the test fair and finding and evaluating the results. 


We also had a go using light to create some amazing shadow puppetry! 

Tools Through the Ages - Block 2

We began by looking at various pictures related to our new topic and tried to guess what we would be learning about. We quickly worked out all the pictures were to do with the past and people from olden times.

The following day we went on a trip to L'Ancresse commons to look at local sites of historical significance. We met up with some real life archaeologists who took us on a tour of some dolmen sites around the commons.
We borrowed some tools from the Guernsey Museum Service that were all from the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. It was amazing to see how much tools have changed over time and the limited technology people used to live with.
We also learnt all about art from the prehistoric eras and how people used to paint on cave walls. We turned out tables into caves and went inside to research, plan, sketch and create our own amazing cave paintings.
Next we learnt about how people in the Stone Age made and used tools. To develop our D&T skills we made our own photo frames using natural materials and saws. We learnt so many skills throughout this topic and also importantly learnt how to stay safe whilst using tools.

Where's Wally? - Block 3

We started off 2020 with a bang! A mysterious letter was delivered to Year 3. It told us to follow the clues to find out who it was from. We went from clue to clue, which led us all around the school and playground, before finding a present! Inside were six Where's Wally books, place names and another letter from Wally.


He told us he was hiding somewhere in Britain and it was our job to find him. We've decided to learn all about Britain and how to read maps in order to find out where he's hiding. Stay tuned for more pictures and info on how we're getting on.

Over the last few weeks we have developed our geography skills and learnt how to use different geographical resources to help us find a place. We learnt how to use a globe, an atlas, a map and a digital map and decided which would be most useful for finding where Wally was hiding. 

We also learnt how to read a compass and discovered in which direction North, East, South and West are. We studied the capital cities of Britain and discovered some of London's famous landmarks. 

Plants - Block 4

In Block 4 we have been heading outside to the garden and learning all about plants. We began by asking a very simple question - what makes a plant a plant? The more we thought about it the more we realised perhaps it wasn't so simple after all. How do we know that a tree is a plant but an elephant is not? So we decided to look further into it.


Over the next few weeks we learnt the features of a plant, what plants need to survive and we looked at similarities and difference between a variety of living things.


We also had a go planting our own sunflowers, peppers, sprouting seeds, cornflower and sweet peas.


We also learnt all about how new plants grow, as even though we had planted some seeds ourselves, we were pretty sure not every single tree and flower and plant in a forest had been planted by a person. So how did they all get there? We learnt about seed dispersal and about the 4 types of seed dispersal - wind dispersal, animal dispersal, water dispersal and explosive dispersal (that one was our favourite).

Year 3's Virtual Residential

Year 3 have used their creativity skills in abundance by deciding to hold their own 'Virtual Residential'. They played games in their gardens, got messy baking in their kitchens and were incredibly resourceful in building dens to have their own virtual sleepover. They shared their fun with each other virtually. Well done year 3 for your resilience and determination to make the residential still happen, albeit from afar!